I'm new, learning TT and I can't find the answer to a basic question: How to gather my own subscribers ?

I must be SUPER CAREFUL not to get my account suspended, because it's mostly thanks to YT that I make a living nowadays.

During my first 3 days of use, I sent out messages to users who comment on channels VERY similar to mine, I ALWAYS got at least 3 messages per day from people complaining that I was SPAMMING them. Dangerous, so I stopped. I have only been sending Friend Invites, which seems to be a pretty lame use of TT.

So, despite the fact that I have purchased TT for a month trial, I'm still sending out MANUAL messages to my subscribers, so as to send them to my site for the really great stuff that they're looking for.

It seems to be a really basic function, to be able to send messages to one's own subscribers. I feel really stupid that I can't figure out how to do this.