TubeToolbox doesn't seem to work for me? 5000 contacts = 5 new subscribers?

brewlabel posted this 18 September 2012


Say I add 1000 contacts in a day for quite relevant / similar & active Youtube account's how many of these that I add as contacts will ultimately equate to subscribers? 10%, 5%, 1% ??

I've added 5000 contacts and subscribed to them all, this has equated to 5 new I doing something wrong? Our content is ever expanding and really good. So i'm surprised at the numbers.

I imagine there is no hard & fast rule but would be good to know, broadly speaking what I can realistically achieve.

Thank you, I look forward to your reply.

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TTChuck posted this 20 September 2012

You can see some of our testimonials here - However, many of the testimonials were prior to YouTube's changes a few months ago. You numbers definitely seems very low. You should make sure you target you audience. Do your gathering based on search criteria that match up to the kinds of channels which would be interested in your channel.

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brewlabel posted this 20 September 2012


Thanks for the reply.

I have been targeting my search with similar labels, musicians.

Gather from users > users whom have commented on their videos > logged on within a month and i'm subscribing to their channels too.

Do you think i should refine my search or try a different technique?

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