What methods are you using?

leelee230 posted this 05 July 2014

Just curious as to what methods most of you guys are using to promote your channel with TTB. Which feature is getting you the best results?

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antonrudenko198 posted this 15 July 2014

After the most recent update, I noticed that I can send way more private messages than before (I sent over 2,000 in a day without hitting the sending limit). I suspect this won't last long though.

Also, they typically get filed as "likely spam", meaning that the recipient does not get the Google+ notification upon receiving these. They still receive the email notification though (by default).

When posting a comment to channel, Google+ notification gets displayed even when the comment it filed under "likely spam". This helps the comments get noticed better.

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leelee230 posted this 17 July 2014

Are you using your main account or a dummy account to use TTB? Had my main account suspended last year bc of TTB so I refuse to login TTB with my main. I got way better results when I used TTB with my main account :-/ but cant risk losing my account.

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